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Paul C. Stauffer III

Moving ideas with creative media.
Creating Video, Web & Print

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Greetings!  I am an accomplished Graphic Artist and Media Designer who is in the business of designing creative media for video, print and the Internet. Using my expertise and experience I can help you to coordinate your visual media projects to enhance the impact of your message

As a native of Altoona, PA,  I hope to use my skills to help local business, organizations and institutions to present their message to the world.

I help others “SEE”
what you can imagine!

How do you move an idea?
Through the creation of clear and coordinated graphic art and media that are focused upon the audience with whom you would like to communicate.  In other words - Idea Moving is good communication. Do you have an idea, concept or message that you need to move? Contact me and we can discuss the best way to move your idea into the minds of those who need to hear your message.

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Institute of
Graphic Artists

Graphic Art and Design Prime Directive:
Image and Media should Communicate 
This means that Art is subordinate to the message. Pictures other image media should enhance the impact and communication of a project. A piece can be beautiful and visually stunning, but unless it communicates the intended message it is useless. This is what separates commercial art from fine art. Fine art is open to the interpretation of the audience. In commercial art the goal is to have the audience interpret the imagery to receive an intended message.

This does not mean that the visual imagery should be obvious, simple or even unattractive. There are many ways that an image can be used to communicate. Some images directly illustrate the concepts contained in the overall message. Other images are designed to enhance the emotional impact of the content. While other images help the audience to retain a memory of the intended message.

It is my goal at the artist and designer to create visually compelling media that enhances communication. I strive to move the concepts and message of my clients into the minds of their intended audience with as much clarity as possible.

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This web page was created by Paul C. Stauffer III,
Graphic Artist and Media Designer.

Paul C. Stauffer III is solely responsible for the content on these web pages.

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